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Shenzhen is considered to be the assembly hall of the world and therefore it becomes a hub of electronics to import from China. Perhaps you are looking in a screen right now and most likely you are not aware that most likely it is assembled somewhere in Shenzhen. After all it is the hub of electronic manufacturing services and original equipment manufacturer service (OEM service) for electronic products. Shenzhen electronic market therefore is famous for the large range of supply and a favorable price. Indeed, this city is has dominated the industry of electronics and if you are going to search online, it reveals that there can never be any alternative to Shenzhen when it comes to sourcing electronics for import businesses.

Shenzhen is popular worldwide for the vast number of electronic suppliers. However, reliability can vary in a huge degree, thus, caution must be exercised in choosing a supplier. Moreover, most factories in Shenzhen do not have an English, and SEO friendly website so it’s very difficult when you are trying to find them via Internet. Alibaba could be a place to take a look at first, but now this is not a very good choice because of scammers in that there obviously are fake profiles, reviews and rankings that people get by just paying the website. Therefore, having an experienced Shenzhen sourcing agent who knows the huaqiangbei electronic market is very helpful when it comes to sourcing electronic components. This will not only save you time but also prevent you from being scammed by disqualified suppliers in Shenzhen electronic market. Here are some points to consider in making a selection of supplier.

One critical consideration is the certification of the supplier. This is absolutely important for any kind of product and more so in electronic products which can cause harm if not compliant with American or European directives like FCC, RoHS and CE. It will be pointless and waste of time to deal with a supplier in Shenzhen electronic market that cannot even comply with certification requirements. An experienced sourcing agent in Shenzhen knows the corresponding certificate required for targeted destinations, since they have been exporting lots of electronics products from Shenzhen wholesale market for their clients all over the world.

The next thing to consider is the amount of capitalization that the supplier has registered. The capitalization strongly indicates the scale and the size of the operation. A supplier with registered capital of not less than the amount of RMB 500,000 is a competitive one. However, please be advised that the capital required for registration is not a mandatory amount of money need to be invested or deposited when incorporating a business, but rather it determines the limit of liability in terms of monetary values.

You must also look at the quality of their management system. It is very crucial that you be able to check the quality of the management system of the supplier when it comes to product functionality monitoring before and even after production. It is not easy to assemble electronics as defects can multiply easily if not properly monitored. Poor quality control may result in a high defected rate and it is literally a disaster when it comes to manufacturing in electronic products. Find a supplier with good quality control and management should be the key to your trip for sourcing in Shenzhen. However, it is not a trivial task to check the management and quality control process of a factory by just spending an hour of inspection on site. After all, it takes years for a factory to make its name when it comes to product quality.  If you are not able to find a trustworthy supplier recommended by your fellow entrepreneurs, it is highly recommend that you come to a sourcing agent in Shenzhen that has familiarity with local suppliers in the electronics.  Just think about the cost and gain yourself,  you will be able to make the choice. Before you actually heading to the factory or start sourcing for manufacturer, a tour to Shenzhen electronic market to check out the items will also be very helpful.

Entrepreneurs interested in a business venture in Shenzhen may ask on how they prepare for their business trip in this mega city. Considering that this is a huge city with numerous electronics suppliers in Shenzhen electronic market, you have to expect to make lots of travel. Visiting one supplier and going to the next may take up hours. Staying in hotels that are near the place of business of the suppliers in the area of Shenzhen electronic market will help in saving lots of time.

Most suppliers have their location within the Bao’an district and near this district is a good place to stay. Getting around this huge city can be a challenge as there are few and are far in-between on the outskirts or the city. Most suppliers are very much aware of this, they will usually offer free pick up or free drive to the next destination despite the fact that it is their competitor.

The city of Shenzhen is considered the capital of consumer electronics, however, most of the residents here my not really understand your language. Take for example discussing the newest electronic products with an electronic engineer who is not very proficient in English can really be frustrating or negotiating with the vendors barely understand English in Shenzhen electronic market for certain products. It also poses huge risk of misunderstanding that can be very disastrous. Unless you are proficient in Cantonese or Mandarin, it is best advised to seek a professional interpreter in Shenzhen. An interpreter who is expert in technical English or has engineering background himself/herself is highly preferred. In fact, some sourcing agents in Shenzhen actually have fluent working proficiency in both English and Chinese, so they can also be your personal interpreters when you are visiting factories during the course of your stay.

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