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We are all aware that China is a powerhouse when it comes to electronics manufacturing service and original equipment manufacturer service(OEM service), also known as private label service, in the realm of electronics products. In China electronic market, you can pretty much find everything related to the electronic industry. It is dominant when it comes to the industry of global electronics as it has the capability of building huge quantities in the most efficient and cost-effective way. For most Western entrepreneurs who are into electronics business, how this happened is still a mystery. And visiting the beautiful city of Shenzhen can be an eye-opener experience that will leave one both excited and stunned at the same time. After all, Shenzhen electronic market is the largest China electronic market and this is the “Mecca” to import from China for electronics.

Cheap sourcing workforce, the proximity to Hong Kong, associated tech companies and links to western trades, combined together made an amazing runway towards economic growth and made Shenzhen the ideal place for most manufacturing companies to build their facilities. In 1980 up to 1990’s, tech companies established their operations in this city which resulted in the formation of critical mass. Given the access to such resources, The electronic market in Shenzhen gradually become the hub of China electronic market. And because this is the place where everyone else in the industry were doing their businesses, it become critical for all other electronic businesses to be present there. And the result is an overwhelming success.

If you intend to do business sourcing trip to Shenzhen, you need to ensure that all visa paper works are in order. You can either enter direct flight to the mainland or enter through Hong Kong. Once you have landed in the mainland, you can travel by train or car. You should expect a sub-tropical climate in Shenzhen and it can get really humid in the months of May to September. The weather is milder in October to December.

Around the outskirts of the city is where you can find large manufacturers of everything electronic ideal for your sourcing business. As you progress to the middle, you will be closer to the more frenetic trading marketplace for electronic parts.  The epicentre of it all is the so called HuaqiangBei electronic market (pronounced as Why Chung Bay). This place is the best China electronic market in terms of both quantity and quality. The North part of this place in the Futian District is equal to electronic industry just like Wall Street in New York is equal to finance. This is not only the centre of the electronics industry; it is actually the centre of the centres. This is exactly where you want to be. This place is the best China electronic market in terms of both quantity and quality.If what you really want is to experience an immersed and intense experience of this electronic kingdom, find a hotel in the north road of Huaqiang so it will be easier for you to walk straight to the action.

In the electronics market around this city or like any other China electronic market, business is done mostly with cash so you have to be prepared. Some will not even give you receipts or any kind of paperwork for whatever you purchase, so it is your responsibility of keeping track of the expenses. Even before travelling, you can convert your funds. However, for those who owns an EFTPOS card, there are numerous ATM’s within the vicinity. Chinese money is known as Renminbi or RMB. First time westerners who are into tech business trips to Shenzhen usually get the shock of their life when they experience the massive censorship when it comes to internet connectivity in this highly high-tech city.

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