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Finding Shenzhen translator and interpreter in

Mandarin or Cantonese

Being one of the major places known for business transactions in China, Shenzhen has always welcomed people from different countries and races each year, and most of these people do not speak the local language. For anyone coming into Shenzhen for whatever reasons, getting the services of a Shenzhen translator is paramount to the success of the trip since many people in the city do not understand the English language and other international languages often used.

Since most people in Shenzhen and many other places in China do not speak English, there is a need for you to consider getting assistance. If by any chance you come across students, you may get help from them; however, you can never depend on such possibility as you are likely not going to find a student who understands English and is ready to offer you as much help as you need. Therefore, you have to hire a Shenzhen translator or interpreter to get your businesses done at the right time and pace. Additionally, many people offering services to people, such as taxi drivers and local restaurant attendances, do not understand English; thereby, making it hard to use basic services in Shenzhen.

How to hire an Shenzhen interpreter

Having understood the need to get a Shenzhen interpreter, you need to get it right while hiring someone so that you do not expend your money and energy in futility. Here are the things to consider when getting a Shenzhen translator:

·        Identify the services you need

Foremost, you should be able to determine whether you need an interpreter, translator or the combination of both. A Shenzhen interpreter deals with conversion of spoken languages while a Shenzhen translator is involved with conversion of written documents from one language to another. So, identify your needs to narrow down your search.

Also, you should take note of why you are hiring the translator or interpreter. From factory audit to sightseeing, conferences, and technical translations, different services demand different kinds of translator or interpreter who can succinctly deliver the messages.

·        Check their qualifications

A credible interpreter or translator must have gone through some forms of formal training to have the good grasp of English. Therefore, be certain that the interpreter or translator has the perfect qualifications that show their ability to deliver the best services.

·        Experience

When it comes to hiring a translator or interpreter in Shenzhen, experience matters. Anyone with vast experience will be more suitable and capable of delivering impeccable services that will undoubtedly get the job done for you. Hence, consider the experience of the translator or interpreter before hiring them.

·        Availability

Since you do not have all the time in the world for the conference, business transaction or factory audit you want to do in Shenzhen, it is vital for you to put the availability of the Shenzhen translator or interpreter into consideration. If they are not available when you need the service, you should hire someone else.

Avoid the stress involved in hiring a dependable, experienced, and trusted Shenzhen interpreter or translator by getting in touch with China Sourcelink for unparalleled translation and interpretation solutions in Shenzhen, China.

Why to choose China SourceLink for Shenzhen

translator?  A note from our CEO


We are a local company here in Shenzhen that provides interpretation and translation solution.We offer services in
simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and business interpretation for factory audit and fair visit.

I understand that people come to China for various reasons, and the language barrier can be quite an issue since most of the population here in China don’t speak very fluent English. Therefore our service is designed to bridge the
language gap in different settings and scenarios. For example, if you are having a press conference or you are
launching a new product to a very large audience, simultaneous interpretation is always recommended since the
translation is happening in real time. On the other hand, consecutive interpretation is recommended for lecture discourse,medical and legal interpretation when the translation is happening in a much more conversational settings and much more precise translation is required. Finally we have the translators that has the engineering and technical background, which makes them the ideal candidates for factory audit and discussing technical issues with your current supplier.

These are just the few examples from our service category. As your China sourcing agent, we are always open to Ad-Hoc service upon request.Please check out our service menu for detail.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to reach us by email. We wish you a very successful visit in

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