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how to find a sourcing agent in china


how to find a sourcing agent in china, and the factors to Consider While Considering Sourcing Globally

How to find a sourcing agent in China is a problem where most of international buyers are confused in the first step of their journey to import from China. In the event that one wishes to expand their market to other parts of the world there are a few things that one needs to consider in order to be able to select the best company when it comes to outsourcing their business. Except just choosing a very good China sourcing agent if you plan to outsource the manufacturing work to China, one also need stop and consider other points in such an event. Some factors to consider include:

  1. Total Landed Cost

Most individual tend to put their focus on the lowest unit cost which is just a very small part of the total cost of the equation. There are other factors that fall into consideration such as transportation, brokerage services, customs and duties, insurance and insurance among many other expenses that may fall into the budget. There may also be other issues such as if the freight is measured whereby one may get freight charges among other things. These factors mentioned above has to be considered together when one was trying to answer the questions of how to find a sourcing agent in China.

  1. Product Quality

Quality is always very important as compared to quantity. One needs to ensure that their product are of high quality in order to prevent any effect such as there being a defective good or even it may be of poor quality which may then force the company to easily sell the product at a lower rate or the product may be written off all together hence asking the supplier go at a loss. A good sourcing company is able to make sure that such problems do not arise as they are able to offer their assistance on the ground and may easily go and inspect the cargo before it is purchased.

  1. Logistics Capability

Even if a supplier has the best good which are of good quality, without a viable market all that is for nothing. Hence, one needs there to be reliable transportation infrastructure that will help with the movement of the goods within the country from the manufacturer to the port. One should also take great consideration in the fluctuation of the weather and seasons as they may affect the transportation of certain goods. One may easily avoid all this hustle by simply having the china trading company or the Shenzhen sourcing agent assist with the whole process as they understand the market and are able to know how to predict the best time to move the goods and where they may be needed. Location

Having a very strategic location is key for nay business to prosper. One needs to have a proximity to the country where the goods may look more attractive. With regard to Shenzhen in china which is the capital of electronics, one may easily use the china sourcing agent to get the best location that will then ensure that the goods sell like hot cake to the locals.

Hence, one needs to be very careful while choosing an outsourcing company as this may easily make or break one’s business. One may easily just choose the China SourceLink which is one of the best sourcing company in china. You may simply visit us on contact form to get a free consultation session.