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Chinese to English translation service


Why you need to hire quality Chinese to English translation service for your business

In today’s competitive global business market, it is very important for companies to reach out to potential customers all over the world in order to increase their customer base. The biggest challenge that companies face is the communication barrier which hampers their growth globally. This is especially the case with those companies which want to work with China. Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn and interpret.

China is one of the biggest manufacturing countries in the world and everybody turns to China to get their products mass produced. However, the difficulty in communicating with suppliers and making them understand exactly what one wants leads to time delays and miscommunication in some cases. This is where Chinese translation service come in handy.

Benefits of hiring Chinese to English translation service

If your company is making plans to expand business in China or get products made in China, here is how Chinese to English translation service can be of tremendous help to you:

As mentioned earlier, communication becomes skewed when either of the parties do not know each other’s languages.  Therefore it is highly recommended to hire Chinese translator when traveling to China for business since most of the population in China don’t speak fluent English. If you employ Chinese to English translation service, you can not only understand what the other person is saying but you can also explain your point of view and requirements to him. Chinese to English translation service include consecutive translation which is specifically meant for such conversations. In this process, both the parties speak turn by turn and wait for the translator to explain what has been said. The interpreter converts the source language into the target language after one party has said what he wants. With the help of such consecutive translations, you can easily and clearly understand what the person is trying to express in Chinese and you can be sure that your point has been understood by the other person. Most of the time the interpretation service is provided by a local English speaking Chinese translator– in the first-tier cities like Shenzhen interpreter or Guangzhou interpreter–who are also familiar with the different accents varying from place to place in China.

In case you need to attend board meetings or press conferences in China, you can once again utilize Chinese to English translation service for simultaneous translation. This kind of translation involves real time interpretation which is an excellent time-saver. Whatever is being said by your Chinese counterpart can be instantly understood by you because of the instant translation carried out by an experienced and qualified translator.

Clear and precise conversation is a big part of conducting business smoothly.

It is not just oral communication which is a barrier but written communication too. Conducting business in China means that you need to understand terms contracts, read documents related to warranties and patents and a lot of other important papers which are all in Chinese. You require the help of a good translator who is not only well-versed with the native language as well as English but who also has some knowledge of the industry that your company belongs to. This can help in a much more accurate interpretation of the words as well as the context in which they are written. The subtle nuances and specific implications of certain terms need to be clearly understood before you plunge into business with a Chinese company. A professional translator can ensure that you do not misinterpret the information that is stated in the documents. Such a service helps you in making an informed decision.

A major complication that you can face while conducting business in China is differentiating the various dialects and versions of Chinese. There are basically two main dialects- Cantonese and Mandarin. The first dialect is mostly used by people staying in the Hong Kong and Guangdong region. The second dialect is used all over China. However, there are various Mandarin dialects as well which differ on the basis of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The Chinese language focuses more on meaning rather than structure so when it is translated word by word, it does not make much sense. Therefore, it is important to go for authentic Chinese to English translation service to get a comprehensive and exact interpretation rather than using online translators to get a word-by-word translation. Once you are able to figure out various dialects, you can easily conduct business in any part of China.

What kind of translator should you hire?

In order to get the best results from Chinese to English translation service, you need to choose a company which is local and has native translators who are familiar with every aspect of the language. It is important for the translator to be well-versed in both the source language as well as the target language so that he can make communication more natural and free flowing between you and your Chinese counterpart. The translator should have a good command over the different Chinese dialects in order to help you to converse with various people speaking various versions of Chinese.

It is better to go for a company which offers certified translation services rather than selecting the first translation company that you come across. Another vital point is to look for a translator who has a technical background or has in-depth knowledge about your industry. The person should also be familiar with legal terms and conditions. The translation company which more or less satisfies this criteria is the one you should choose for providing you with Chinese to English translation service.

If you want reliable and professional Chinese to English translation service, then you are at the right place. Whether you want orals or written translation, we provide high quality and accurate translation and interpretation services which can help your business grow and expand and improve your business ties with China.