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English to Chinese Translation Service

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Professional English to Chinese Translation Service


English and Chinese are the most widespread languages in the world. With China becoming the hub for commercial and business activities, the need to understand Chinese and learn this language is one a rise. Many people are taking up the task of learning Chinese to be able to carry out their businesses more effectively. That said, Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn. It’s a very different script and requires years of hard work to be able to learn it completely. Thus, keeping this in view there is a surge for Chinese to English translation service and English to Chinese Translation Service.


People across the world are doing business with China and a professional Chinese translation service makes it easier to carry out business activities without losing the main essence, misunderstandings or language becoming a barrier for success. Be it written documents or face-to-face personal interactions, a professional translation service helps you understand better and move on with your work.


China Sourcelink understands this growing demand and need for effective translation services and offers quality and professional Chinese to English and English to Chinese Translation service. Over time we have helped many clients benefit from our services, across different fields and industries. Each client has a unique and specific need and we offer tailor-made solutions to match the exact requirements of our clients. We have a very professional team who go beyond their way to ensure that each client is completely satisfied. Every project we take up is worked upon with complete commitment and dedication to give the very best of results.


If you belong to a specific technical field, our experts will ensure complete technical knowledge is used to acquire the best results. Our extensive team of translators come from various fields and only a professional with in-depth understanding of your field and requirements will take up your translation project.  Whether it’s linguistic or written services, we ensure accuracy and translation based on facts and research.


We use a wide variety of translation tools to be able to offer professional English to Chinese translation service for an array of documented formats like HTML, XML and more. Without changing or disrupting the code, the tools work effectively and efficiently. Some of the technical fields that we have worked for, include:




And many more!


Our core team is based in China and Los Angeles but that does limit us as we have a reliable network of our team members in different parts of the world too. With effective use of technology, we are able to help clients across the globe and can work according to the needs and flexibility of our clients. The main focus is on timely results because we understand that delays at our end could mean a big loss for you. We have a very quick turnaround time, as our professionals work relentlessly and tirelessly to meet deadlines.


Chinese as a language, is divided into different forms. Geographical distances bring in a change in the language and although the foundation is the same slight differences do come up and they can make big differences. We understand the need to give results as desired without hampering the essence or the meaning in any way. It is believed that when you translate from any one language to another certain meaning get lost in between- Not with us! We guarantee that everything will be translated to perfection and the meaning or significance will not be lost in any way. For all first-tiers in China, we provide local translators(e.g., Shenzhen interpreter, Guangzhou interpreter,etc) to ensure the nuance difference in Chinese languages according to Geographical barrier is distinguished.  Native Chinese speakers will identify the exact and accurate language and translate it 100%.


China Sourcelink is built upon 3 core pillars:



Keeping these 3 pillars as our foundation we are committed to helping every client get the best of English to Chinese translation service. Over the years we have built successful relationships with our clients via professional services and guaranteed results. We take up every project as our very own and ensure complete quality all the way.


Why you need translation services?


Even if you have begun learning Chinese or understand it a little, without professional translation services you can lose out on many important things. With globalization the world is connected and everyone is working with people from different countries. China is one of the biggest economies and business hubs and almost every big and small company, across the world is working with China or Chinese people. Something as important as business matters cannot be left to ‘guesswork’. You need to be 100% sure and doubly accurate to be able to make the best and sound decisions.


Whether it’s a onetime project you are working on or an ongoing one, professional Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation services will help you better your business relationships and take you many steps closer to success. You can base decisions on facts and accurate information and leave no gaps for miscommunication or errors. Verbal, written and body language are the three crucial parameters of communication- even if one is weak there can be miscommunication. Why take a chance? Why leave your business in the hands of ‘an attempt’? Get in touch with us for professional and quality English to Chinese translation service and skyrocket your way to success!