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Guangzhou sourcing agent

guangzhou sourcing agent - guangzhou wholesale market - Guangzhou sourcing service - Guangzhou sourcing company

guangzhou sourcing agent - guangzhou wholesale market - Guangzhou sourcing service - Guangzhou sourcing company

Guangzhou sourcing agent

Guangzhou is a beautiful place and the capital city of the Guangdong Province. It is a wondrous and a lively city. There are several markets where one might go for any kind of private shopping trips or even to source any kind of product for their businesses at dirt-cheap wholesale rates. It is one of the greatest place to sourcing products when you are considering to import from China and Guangzhou wholesale market is the largest and the most comprehensive market in China. On this page you might find a detailed list of all the different things available in the famous market region of this area, in all the eleven districts. With a help of experienced Guangzhou sourcing agent, the products here are conveniently categorized for you so that you might easily and conveniently find the absolutely correct place for the sourcing as well as the shopping! Throughout Guangzhou, you might find several areas where different wholesale markets have sprung up. If you visit some of the areas here you might benefit immensely from a wider range of products and you surely have greater chance of finding whatever you have been looking for.

Guangzhou is China’s third-largest city and also the capital of the province of Guangdong and a huge commercial centre in China mad Asia. There are certain features of this place which make it a hubbub of people all around the world. The location near the Pearl River as well its proximity to the wonderful Hong Kong are the chief reasons as to why Guangzhou has been a strategic point for several centuries. Guangzhou is also considered the actual home of the traditional “Chinese food.”  Here you might find more restaurants per capita than any other place in China.

Dongquan and Shezhen are the biggest region for the manufacture and bargains of electronics. Shenzhen electronic marketHuaqiangbei electronic market in Shenzhen–is also known as the biggest electronic market in the world. This is also the ideal place to consider getting an OEM service in electronics, which is also known as electronic manufacturing services.

Shoppers and business people from across the world can be seen at the markets for wholesale & retail, luxury malls and at canton fair.

The province of Guangdong has been China’s major trade centre for the commodities manufacturing. At Guangzhou, with a help of a Guangzhou sourcing agent, you will surely get several inexpensive electronics, computers, clothes as well as several other products which are usually sold in the big markets and tens of thousands of local and international shops. The Guangzhou based wholesale market agents provide you useful information, as well as bargaining tips, coupled with transportation roots and assistance to all the international clients to source different products as well as suppliers (both wholesale market and the factories depending upon the quantity of the order).

From experienced Guangzhou sourcing agent, the clients can also get ample information and knowledge regarding the different markets which are there in the beautiful city of Guangzhou. Markets like the Guangzhou handbags wholesale market and the Guangzhou electronic wholesale as well as the Guangzhou garment wholesale. Such important and thorough information can never be available to one and all. The Guangzhou sourcing agent are amazing helpers of several companies and brands outside China who want to invest in the Guangzhou markets.

Several global customers also come to this wondrous city of Guangzhou for buying whatever items they need and want. However, most of the clients have no clue about how to buy things from one of the biggest markets of Asia. But it is not a matter of deep concern anymore. If you want to buy anything from the Guangzhou Market just let us do take the onus you and deliver unbelievable results to you. We are one of the best Guangzhou sourcing agent and we do everything to let our clients and customers from all over the world but their desired products from the Guangzhou markets.

What do we provide?

As your Guangzhou sourcing agent, here we provide the manufacturers sourcing, the quotations as well as price negotiation ways and the orders that follow as well as their quality control. We also guide the customers to the factories, the showrooms as well as the wholesale markets in and around Guangzhou and the cities nearby. With us you also get the custom clearance and we also let you know about all the necessary documentation required here for several purchases. Here booking containers, sea, inland and air transportation is also done. Our wholesale market sourcing Agent Company has several spaces for your temporary use. We take the lowest commission around here. Our commission rates are dirt cheap and we give you the best experience of buying raw or ready products from Guangzhou which you might need for your personal or professional purposes.

What can you buy in Guangzhou market?

Guangzhou is the magical bazaar you read in the story books of your children. It is because of the mysteriousness of such places that the East has always charmed the Western countries. In Guangzhou, you might get almost everything you want. Some of these goods are rare as anything, others so cheap that you might not believe it. Some of the products that you get in the Guangzhou wholesale market have been given here. In the section below you will also get to know about the different markets here in Guangzhou. The prices of most of these goods are quite low. Here is a list of a few things available here at a reasonable price: Clothing, gifts, bags, toys, belts, suitcases office supplies, lights, sports items,  electronics building materials, electrical appliance, hardware, jewellery, the fashion accessories, artificial plants and flowers, scarves and shawls, clocks, motorcycles kitchenware and houseware, textile raw material and fabrics, watches, glasses, fashion accessories and fittings, and accessories, sanitary as well as bathroom equipment, etc. However, most of the people in Guangzhou does not speak very fluent English and therefore you will definitely to consider hiring a Guangzhou translator who are proficient both in English and Chinese.

The several markets in and around Guangzhou

The list of all the shopping places for you visiting the southern regions of China are mentioned below.

Wholesale markets

Tourists can find easy bargains for small and single items in wholesale markets at selected places only if the salesperson agrees to entertain you which they don’t, usually.

Clothes Market

At Guangzhon, the wholesale market, especially for clothes, is recommendable.

Among the most famous ones are-


Some other huge wholesale market places are at other places:

Guangzhou Highsun Fabric Market is the most suitable one for shopping desired materials or custom clothing. Suits, curtains and beddings are all available at cheapest of prices compared to the western countries. Sundry fabric materials and patterns of different qualities can be availed here. Another consumer mart where a wide range of fashion items, furnishing materials, wools & costumes and jewelleries can be availed at great offers is the Highsun String and Cloth market. Items for interior decoration are available here in most of the fabric sections. A whole range of house furnishing accessories can be ordered in complete sets which can be customised as well. The Highsun mart has specialised shops separately for different items such as the furnishing fabrics, Chinese costumes, clothing fabrics, western costumes, etc. This fabric shop is also offering tailor services and Chinese-style clothing is its speciality. The Chinese-style clothing is most popular with the customers who are workers in their 20s. Another specialisation can be found in the styles of curtains here. There are varieties in textures, types and accessories as well. The modern double curtains, the oriental style folded curtains and the classical elegant coloured curtains are all available here. Stitched sets of (2m*2m) these curtains already ornamented with laces etc. in excellent fabrics can be availed here in just about $16. The price for these items in wholesale is about 60% of the retail price.

There are local buying agents who can be of much help to you as they act as intermediaries but sometimes it is not very beneficial too. Depending upon your requirements you must calculate the benefits of it. Also if you are able to know the ways of it, you might not need an agent in Chinese markets. However that will be very difficult for you since knowing these places well is a must for doing business here.

One-stop Guangzhou Market sourcing solution:

As your Guangzhou sourcing agent, we are one of the best buying as well as sourcing, purchasing, exporting and shipping agent service for all the clients and customers who like to buy things directly from the varied wholesale market of Guangzhou. We offer superior services and at extremely inexpensive rates. We provide translation, the quality control, the consolidation, the inland transportation, the purchase accompaniment, the warehousing, the container loading and also arranging, document making and shipping the products. Upon request from our customers we also do factory visit and hotel reservation. For any further questions or assistance do contact us and avail our services.

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