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PCB manufacturing and assembly services in China

PCB manufacturing and assembly services in China


China is a land of infinite manufacturing. It is the nation the world looks up to for low cost, high quality manufacturing. The country has been successful, especially over the past two decades in attracting major brands for manufacturing. The reasons you can get your products manufactured in China for a low price are many, the major ones being cheap labor and high technology. Among the many products manufactured in this country, PCB manufacturing occupies a significant place in the list, which is also a key part of electronic manufacturing services and OEM services that produce consumer electronic products. This is no wonder as China is ahead in electronics and technology, far ahead than many other countries.

What Is A PCB?

Printed Circuit Boards are the strength of all electronics. A PCB directs electrical signals and ensures the device’s circuit requirements are satisfied. In other words, PCB brings life to electronic devices.

You can find many PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly services in China. However if you are looking to outsource your PCB manufacturing, make sure the manufacturer uses high quality copper plates and equipments.

PCB Manufacturing Process

China has innumerable manufactures of PCBs, however you need to choose a reliable China pcb manufacturer who can assure high quality delivery. This is possible if you choose a trusted sourcing partner such as China Sourcelink.

We, China Sourcelink, are familiar with the manufacturing process of PCBs and are well aware of trustworthy and committed PCB manufacturers in China. So, get in touch with us if you are serious on outsourcing PCB manufacturing to China.

Do PCBs Make For A Good Business?

PCB technology is growing at a very rapid pace. With electronics all over the place and IOT becoming an inseparable part of everyday life, PCB business has a great future. China has brilliant designers and PCB manufacturers, so if you are looking to crush competition in your home country while being able to earn name and fame for quality PCBs, China is where you need to look at.

What To Look For In A PCB Manufacturer?

The size and complexity of your PCB matter a lot for PCB manufacturing. In-house PCB manufacturing may not always prove successful, sometimes outsourcing might be beneficial considering cost of equipments, technology and labor. However you need to be extra cautious when choosing a PCB manufacturer.

Here are some things you need to consider for outsourcing PCB manufacturing in China:

Do you really think you can check on all of these parameters by yourself? Can you find a reliable PCB manufacturing company in China by yourself? Note that there are language and cultural barriers and business practices in China largely differ from the rest of the world, especially the west.

It is therefore recommended that you look for a sourcing agent such as China Sourcelink for the purpose.

We, China Sourcelink know the markets in China and have built a good business relationship with PCB manufacturing companies who can deliver high quality PCBs at competitive prices.

How Can You Reduce PCB manufacturing cost?

You need to be aware of all these factors before actually jumping at PCB manufacturing. Especially if you are outsourcing to China, you need to be very clear in your communication. PCBs demand precision and if you are not clear with the terms, you may end up with a product you had not wished for.

To avoid such risks, better be wise and look for a sourcing agent.

China Sourcelink, a committed sourcing agent in China will be a great choice if you are very particular about reducing cost. This is important, especially if you are a start-up with a tight budget. We, China
Sourcelink will handle all the monitoring work for you in China, so you can be worry-free and focus on more important things. You need not be present in China too, we will handle shipping as well, so be ready to receive the PCBs in your home country! Enjoy seeing your business grow!!

We also have links with the best PCB manufacturing and assembly services in China that have world class mechanical and electrical engineer teams. This means by hiring our services, you will have the best engineers working on  your PCB manufacturing and assembly. Sounds exciting? Let us know if this interests you!

When there are professional teams working on a product, you can expect only the best. There will be good co-ordination and above all, troubleshooting becomes easy. You will receive a high performing efficient product, that is the reason you are looking at China, isn’t it so?

PCB Manufacturing And Assembly Is A Time- Consuming Process

Any electronics/ electrical manufacturing takes time and PCB manufacturing is no different. The reason is obvious- high precision is required. The manufacturing process also requires top quality and precision materials besides demanding professional labor. Pros and cons need to be studied while testing and trouble-shooting also consume a lot of time.

However you cannot afford to drag the project as you need to withstand the competition. It is very important that you receive the product on time. Some grace time might be considered, though.

It is for this reason that you need a sourcing agent’s help. A dedicated sourcing agent such as China Sourcelink can see to it that you receive your PCBs on time.

PCB manufacturing and Assembly services is a huge industry in China. It is, in fact, growing more than ever. This competition has forced the manufacturers to reduce their prices. So if you are keen on PCB business and looking to get them manufactured at the most affordable prices, now is the time! Look for a PCB manufacturer in China and get the contracts done. However do not forget to consider the above mentioned factors when choosing a manufacturer.

You can get high quality PCBs manufactured in China, but if you do not like taking risk on the quality and lead time, it is highly advised to partner with a sourcing agent. This is especially true for PCB manufacturing, as it requires continuous monitoring during the production process, because its quality directly affects the final product.

If you are new to outsourcing, you have all the chances of getting cheated in China. Be careful! Visiting trade fairs could be an option, as you get to meet reliable manufacturers at the place. However if you want to make your job easy, there’s no better option than hiring a sourcing agent!!


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